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PCB assembly - We use a number of automated technologies to manufacture your PCBs including through hole and surface mount. We will even hand assemble products for quantities that don't economically lend themselves to automated assembly machines. We are ROHS compliant and have over 10 years experience in lead-free processing.

PCB design
- We can design or provide design assistance with any printed circuit board (PCB). Also we can take any existing electronic circuit or even use a technical drawing of a circuit and replicate it to the final completed product.

PCB testing and finishing - We design and manufacture all the required test equipment and so you can be reassured that we thoroughly test and inspect every printed circuit board (PCB) or piece of equipment before it leaves our workshop.

Wire preparation - We can cut and prepare wires to your specification. This includes twisting and tinning the ends if this is required. We can do this as part of your project or as a job on its own.

Product packaging - We can package your finished products ready for sale. All electronic products are handled and packaged using strict ESD precautions.

Procurement - We can offer a range of options when it comes to the procurement of electronic components or other parts. Whether you let us procure all the parts or if you wish to supply a full free issue kit to us. We can supply all associated electronic equipment if necessary. Due to our experience and bulk buying capabilities, we can often supply parts more efficiently than our customers.

Plastic moulding - We can mould plastic components for numerous purposes.

Delivery - A range of delivery options are available. Such as courier or personal local delivery.


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