PCB Assembly

We offer a range of services when it comes to PCB assembly.

  • Leaded Technology
  • Thru hole
  • Lead free
  • Surface Mount (SMT)
  • Conformal Coating (Dipping or Spray)
  • Traceability And Serial Numbering
  • ESD Controlled
  • Work To IPC Standards
  • RoHS And None RoHS Assembly
  • Medical
  • Potting
  • Metal work

Desiccant dry cabinet for storage of moisture sensitive components.

Boards are assembled to IPC-A-610.

Products are assembled by staff who are highly skilled and have years of experience. With each job having a set of detailed comprehensive instructions. This ensures the highest standards are met.

ESD precautions such as wrist straps, ESD jackets and ESD safe tools are used to minimize the potential damage that can be caused through electrostatic discharge. This is alongside extensive staff training in the hazards of ESD.

Through hole assembly


ESD wrist strap and cord Esd bags