Frequently asked questions

What volumes can you accommodate?
We can accommodate you right from building your prototype. To then building 10's per month up to 1000's a month.

Do you deliver?
Yes we do. We can deliver to where ever you need.

What testing equipment do you have?
We operate a YES TECH AOI system for maintaining high quality SMT throughput. We can also design and build fully automated custom test equipment, to suit you product specifically. Along with various other essential test equipment such as multimeters and oscilloscopes.

Are you RoSH compliant?
Yes we have been fully RoSH compliant since 2006.

Can you help me with a design I have before it is manufactured?
Ofcourse, this is not a problem. A lot of our work begins like this. Then as needed it can continually be improved and upgraded.

Do you have the capability to program IC's?
Yes we can program most commercially available families of memory IC's as well as microcontrollers.

Can you conformally coat PCB's?
We can conformally coat or use tropicalising varnish to finish your boards if it is required. Using spray or dip.

Can you apply potting compound to my final product?
Not a problem. We have the facilities to be able to do this.